Parenting requires an immense amount of work and effort. A good parent-child relationship is the one that is built upon the foundation of a strong connection. Staying connected to your child through all the stages of his/her life is important. Children who share a strong bond with their parents are more willing to share their troubles with their parents. Here are a few...

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It is delightful to see your babies gurgling and making lovely and gibberish sounds. Babies initially babble and make sounds like ‘ba’. Gradually, they combine basic words. In later stages, they learn to associate meanings to the words. As parents, you would be proud to see your little ones utter their first proper word. Hearing them call you out saying mama and papa c...

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We often associate stress and anxiety with adults. However, children also go through tough emotional stages due to various reasons such as school performance, temporary separation from parents, and trying something new for the first time. Experiencing stress is a normal part of growing up. However, it’s important to support your kids to help them avoid emotional distr...

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Gas and bloating are common in early childhood. As a concerned parent, it's important that you look out for symptoms such as burping, passing gas, hard stool, and vomiting. If your child is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, take him/her to a pediatrician. Here, we've listed some of the common causes of childhood gas and bloating: 1) Swallowing air...

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