Pregnancy Ovulation Calculator

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Pregnancy Ovulation Calculator

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This ovulation calculator will help you to find the most fertile days very easily.


The menstrual cycle of every woman is different, so it is important that you must know the fertile dates to increase the chances of conception. This calculator will help to provide the estimated ovulation dates and fertile period for women who have their periods regularly. Regular period meaning a woman having period after an interval of 28-32 days


When a woman considered as most fertile?

This calculator might help you to explore the most fertile days within your menstrual cycle or an estimated fertile period based on the data you put. Generally, it is difficult to give an exact date when a woman ovulates, so a tentative 7 –day window can be calculated with the help of this calculator to understand when ovulation is most likely to occur.


How long ovulation lasts?

Generally, women have their menstrual cycles of 28-32days and ovulation takes place in between days 11-21, but you also keep in mind that ovulation will only occur one day between this period. You must always remember that every woman has different menstrual cycle. Ovulation only lasts for 12-24 hours.